A Career as a Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

Clinical Medical Assistants are trained medical professionals that are responsible for keeping medical practices running smoothly and efficiently. Clinical Medical Assistant is a fine career choice for people wanting an introductory position in the health care industry. Employers prefer Clinical Medical Assistants to receive a degree, certification or some training from an accredited vocational school, career or community college or traditional university.

Clinical Medical Assistant Job Description

Clinical Medical Assistants serve physicians by meeting with patients at the start of an office visit. Clinical Medical Assistant will record the patient’s symptoms and get medical history information. They will check the patient’s vital signs, collect specimen cultures or samples for the lab and prepare the patient for the physician. After the patient has met with the doctor the Clinical Medical Assistant will explain the treatments, advise them about any special diets and will administer injections or medications. Clinical Medical Assistants also help with some office duties, including setting appointments and verifying billing records.

Clinical Medical Assistant Earning Potential

Clinical Medical Assistants on average earn annual salaries ranging from $22,000 to $36,000. Clinical Medical Assistant is an excellent entry-level medical career field that can act as a catalyst for other medical professions.

Health Care Industry Job Growth

The US Bureau of Labor estimating that the demand for qualified, skilled Clinical Medical Assistants will increase by 35 percent over the next eight years. This growth makes it one of the strongest growth industries in the county.

Clinical Medical Assistant Job Opportunities

Clinical Medical Assistants find successful careers at medical clinics, public and private hospitals or care centers and retirement homes.